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Dubai Turkey Malaysia and Italy Importation

10,000.00 1,500.00


Make Maximum Money from Minimum Time

Many importers usually have a very big expectation about mini-importation unfortunately when they “Get In”, they complain of low profitability and heavy losses.

Dear mini-importer the reason why you are not making it “BIG” in this importation industry is because you lack adequate knowledge to meet your expectations.

Discover the amazing secret discovered by an e-commerce specialist that adds more income to your importation business, eliminates frustration and failed transactions and can slash up to 50% losses from your business in about 7 days.

The DUBAI, MALAYSIA AND ITALY IMPORTATION GUIDE teaches how to import high quality products from top selling stores and brands in Dubai, Malaysia and Italy from the comfort of your home using your smart devices.

I am Odedele Damilola Helen, CEO of The Edge Marketplace Global Services. I am a mini-importer and an e-commerce expert. I import goods from Dubai, Turkey, Malaysia Italy etc. and sell them easily online.

I started my e-commerce business in 2017 and struggled in the first year. I found it difficult determining the right MOQs, choosing the right agents, shipping to my location and determining the right prices. Then I began my research, attended several trainings and increased my network over the years which led to discovering the information contained in this guide.

Today, I make maximum profits from imported goods spending less time searching for what to bring in and who to bring them in, all in good time to concentrate on expanding my business.

I import goods from China, Turkey, US, UK, Malaysia, Dubai, Vietnam without stepping out of my house, which has given me more time to take care of my family. Interestingly, this entire journey all started with my mobile phone. I sell online using platforms such as Facebook Advertising, WhatsApp and my E-commerce store.

This guide teaches how to start importing from Dubai, Malaysia and Italy from top stores in these countries (right from the comfort of your home) and also ship your goods down to your country, Nigeria.

This guide will give you ideas on what products to bring in from these countries, comprehensive details of how to import, contacts of trusted agents and shipping company agents all broken down into categories for ease of use.

And if you are still thinking of what business to do in 2021, then this mini-importation business is the perfect side hustle for every Mum.

This was the same business that came to my rescue some years ago.

And this is the same knowledge that you will get to help jumpstart 2021 on a good note.

In this 3-in-1 bundle, you will detailed step-by-step information and guide on how to import from:

·        Dubai

·        Malaysia

·        Italy

And you also get my Turkey importation Blueprint ebook (valued at 5000).

You also get bonus that will knock your socks off.

BONUS1. Facebook Ads Authority for Mad Sales

BONUS2: My Free WhatsApp Conversation Template

You may be wondering why I am giving all these out at such a ridiculous price of 1,500. The truth is that mini-importation has earned me money as a woman and I have been able to support my family with the proceeds I got from this home-business and also build a growing company for myself all from the comfort of my home.

I feel that more Mums like me should get access to this knowledge and start this as a side hustle or you could turn it into a full time business if you wish.

There is only one issue…. The offer will be available for only 24 hours.

Click on the Buy button to get access immediately.

PS: After a successful payment you will be redirected to download the e-Books with the bonuses only if you pay using the Buy button..

You will hardly get another resource as detailed as this guide this year. Put an end to the frustration you encounter getting quality and reliable supplier and shipping agents, raising large amounts of money to ship and shipping to your doorstep by ordering a copy of this guide NOW!

2021 Must Make Sense For You!

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