General Questions

1Can I buy in bulk?
Yes we offer Procurement services from China, Turkey and other countries. Please contact us on 07055544089 or email us at help@edgemarketplace.com.ng.
2Can I Return The Product If I change My Mind
Our Return Policy is as contained in the document titled “Return Policy” on our Site. You can cancel your order if it has not been sent out for delivery which is usually within 24hrs after your order has been placed. But once we send out the goods for delivery, we do not offer returned based on the you changing your mind.
3Do You Offer Payment On Delivery?
Yes we offer pay on delivery on some items and in some location. Depending on the product and location. Please use the whatsApp chat to chat directly with our customer service representative for confirmation before placing your order. Please note that we do not offer Pay On Delivery for all our digital products.
4Do Edgemarketplace.com.ng deliver internationally?
We don't deliver items internationally. However you can place your orders on our site from anywhere in the world, but you'll have to ensure the your debit card is registered with a bank in Nigeria and the Delivery Address is within Nigeria.
5What is the estimated delivery time?
After your payment is confirmed, your order will be processed and shipped to the courier office in 48-72hrs. They will be deliver to you on the 3rd day(Abuja deliveries) or on the 6th-7th day (outside Abuja deliveries). items ordered based on pay on delivery will be shipped out after 24hrs that the orders has been placed. However we may request for a commitment fee of 2000 to handle the delivery on orders place on payment on delivery. Digital products are delivered immediately if payment are made via paystack but if you make payment via transfer you will need to wait for us to confirm your payment after which we will send the products to your email.